Career Opportunities

If you are interested in employment at Brookhaven Youth Ranch please be aware that we are seeking the most excellent employees available. One of our highest priorities is to have our staff serve as positive role models for the youth under our care. Unless you care deeply about the welfare of children and are determined to lead by example, then perhaps Brookhaven is not the place for you. You should be physically healthy and emotionally strong because the children will challenge you on a regular basis. Being drug and addiction free is a must due to our regular, random drug testing program.

Additionally, we are required by law to have a thorough and comprehensive criminal background check performed on all potential employees.

Professional Counseling Positions IMMEDIATELY Available:

Immediate positions are available for:  Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Providers, and/or Associate Sex Offender Treatment Providers.

Options are available for full-time employment with attractive benefit packages to include paid vacation, personal time off, health insurance and retirement plans. Other options include part-time employment which could supplement private practices or contract employment which pays per counseling sessions provided.

Our counseling program is a valued and integral part of our overall treatment approach which has proved highly successful in the rehabilitation of the youth we serve. If interested in joining our team, contact Danielle Bryant, Interim Treatment Director at 254-829-1920

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Direct Care Positions:

Brookhaven Youth Ranch typically has Direct Care Positions available for either the day, evening or night shifts. Employee benefits include paid vacations, holidays, personal time off, retirement plan options, and health insurance.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants may submit their application online or may submit a printed application (typed or handwritten) via mail, fax, or hand delivered to:

Brookhaven Youth Ranch
5467 Rogers Hill Road
West, Texas 76691
Fax: 254-829-1469

Please check to make sure you fill out the application in the current version of Adobe Reader to ensure we receive it.

  1. Download and save the application to your computer before typing in the required information. (Be sure you open in Adobe Reader.)
  2. Complete the application for the position you are applying for.
  3. Email your completed application(s) by attaching the saved and completed PDF, or by selecting “Email Form” at the bottom of the application.
  4. Please note – If the application is submitted online and is TYPED, the signature may be done ELECTRONICALLY (type in your first and last name as you would hand sign it). If the applicant decides to scan and email a handwritten copy of the application, it must have a handwritten signature on it.

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