In addition to the full range of services that all youth at Brookhaven Youth Ranch receive, youth in need of specialized sexual health therapy are enrolled in our Sexual Health Program. The issues addressed in this program range from sexual boundaries, sexual identity, or sexual acting out behaviors.

Brookhaven Youth Ranch has a Licensed Sexual Offender Treatment Provider (LSOTP-S) who along with trained staff provides individual and group counseling services on an as needed basis for these youth. Sexually abusive youths follow a structured treatment program based on the Pathways Model which incorporates weekly individual and group therapy services. The LSOTP-S and specialized staff also provides basic sexual education to all youth at Brookhaven Youth Ranch.


Our Sexual Health Program is considered one of the most outstanding treatment programs in Texas, if not the nation to address sexual acting out behaviors.

Why should you refer to Brookhaven’s Sexual Health Services Program?

  •   Brookhaven is centrally located in the “Heart of Texas”
  •   Our program is powerful, effective and facilitated by experts in the sex offender treatment field
  •   The program is comparable to any similar program in the nation
  •   Dual diagnosis treatment is offered
  •   Brookhaven has 26+ years of experience in working with Probation Departments
  •   Brookhaven currently has probation contracts with approximately 40 counties to provide treatment services
  •   Brookhaven maintains a proactive and cooperative relationship with TJJD probation departments
  •   Brookhaven understands the unique challenges of working with the juvenile population
  •   Our sex offender treatment program utilizes the most evidence based and effective treatment methods
  •   Polygraph examinations are utilized to insure honest participation